October 2nd, 2009

POKESPECIAL--gold is love

spanish textbooks;


I started taking the Spanish 201 class but then ended up dropping it.  The problem is, the textbooks were $300 and....unreturnable because I opened the plastic wrap. D'OH!

So I'm just wondering if any of you Spanish learners would be interested in purchasing them from me (even half-price is okay, I just wanna get rid of them at this point with SOME regain in cash) or if you have friends who are/will be taking second-year Spanish and are interested.

There are three books in the set: Pasajes Lengua, Pasajes Cultura, and Pasajes Literatura. Seventh edition. They are in perfect condition and I think I've opened them a total of.....twice.  The only thing is that I already used the Centro online learning course book key, so if you need a Centro key, you'll have to get one separately (you can actually buy one on the Centro website).  But even without the Centro key code, these are great books for any Spanish learner!

I am willing to negotiate on the prices for these. :D