October 1st, 2009

USPS Mail boxes

are there any USPS mailboxes on campus? I saw mailboxes on the way to the IMA but they weren't USPS. i don't want to have to keep on going to that post office on the ave (is it always THAT busy?)

  • xaotica

newstudent questions, uw twitter account, and uw iphone app...

hello uw cohorts!

i'm a transfer student who started on wednesday and have a bunch of n00b questions.

- if you bring your lunch, where do you microwave it?
- are there any indoor places to eat where the wireless works? it doesn't seem to work for me in the hub.
- are these larouche weirdos there all the time, or do they just show up to torment the new fall people?
- there are lots of lovely looking libraries. which is your favorite for quiet studying?
- is there any place to read reviews of the various food on campus other than yelp? i'm assuming most of it is mediocre but only some of the places are reviewed there. (if it's relevant, i'm vegetarian.)
- will the math lab and/or CLUE check if you're enrolled before offering assistance? i'm hoping to brush up on trigonometry but i'm not currently enrolled at a math class at uw.
- any other random things you wish you'd known but didn't?

i have no friends! just kidding. but i do have very few on campus. so i'm interested in making new ones, especially people in informatics/HCDE/computer science related stuff. i'm 30 so it'd be esp. cool to kick it w/older people but i do like the youngfolk too.

also, if any of you use twitter, i recently started a separate twitter account for uw-related things. it's twitter.com/xaoticauw. i plan on posting anything that seems useful to other people on campus and/or amusing.

i figure anyone who has a nerdphone already knows about the m.UW iphone app and the http://m.uw.edu/ mobile site... but just in case not, i'm finding those useful :) having my phone number show up in the directory is a little weird, but i'm not very worried about my own privacy and it'll probably come in handy someday.