January 21st, 2009

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Does anyone know if there is a knitting club on campus? I'm looking for my fellow knitters/crocheters and having trouble finding anything recent.


Edit: So, it seems like people are interested in starting some kind of knitting/crochet group. I think it would be a good idea to meet up, figure out a time that generally works for everyone, and then take it from there. I'll also start a facebook group (probably tonight sometime) and we can figure out the knitty gritty (forgive me) details of where and when.

Edit#2: I made a facebook group, UW Knitters, to help us get organized. Feel free to take a look. Here's a link, hope it works...

Beginning Hip Hop Dance

Has anyone taken this class at the experimental college? What was it like?

I'm looking for something with a relaxed atmosphere. I basically have little coordination in my body, and I think learning to dance would be a great way to improve.

Does anyone know where it is, also? It just says "U-district."

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