Alexa (loonylexie) wrote in uw,

summer sublet

I'm looking for someone to live in a bedroom of my 2-bedroom-plus-loft apartment over the summer. Two of my roommates are going out of town for the summer, but we're keeping the apartment. It's on 47th and 15th (The Rivendell) and is clean, on the top floor, with a balcony. Two people could also share the room (it's big- I share a room in the apartment now) to keep costs down, but it's not too expensive if one person lives there.

Depending on the total number of people in the apartment, the rent is $525 (if there are four total) or $700 (if three). So far there will be one girl (me) and one guy living there (and if another guy shares a room with the first guy, the rent will be cheaper too). The sublet is open to guys or girls.

Another option would be for you to sublet the entire apartment for the summer (June 15-September 1). Rent is $2125, but there's enough room for at least four people. I would prefer to be able to stay there but understand if living with strangers is awkward. I'd just sublet a room somewhere else.

Advice/help is greatly appreciated...
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