December 25th, 2008

Redheaded Destroyer

Because someone's going to ask...

Financial aid is disbursed to your University account and any remainder should arrive in your bank account, starting on January 5 (the first day of aid disbursement). This assumes that on December 30 you have been awarded and have accepted financial aid, did not have any holds on your aid, have signed all required promissory notes for your loans, were registered for the minimum required credits and signed up for direct deposit by December 24. If all of these conditions were true, then you can confirm with your bank that funds were received on January 5 (some banks may be able to confirm receipt before January 5, depending on their processing timeline).

uw email and gmail

Does anyone have any experience using gmail to access their uw email account? I don't mean setting up forwarding, I mean actually downloading messages that I've already read/received via webpine.

I've been trying to add the uw account to the list that my gmail account accesses, and in the setup after changing the pop server to [myusername], it's giving me the message "Server denied POP3 access for the given username and password." (pretty sure it's not that I've misspelled my password--I've tried that a couple times). Any idea what might be happening?

Alternatively, can anyone suggest some other way to get a large number of emails from my uw account to my gmail account (or anywhere else, really)?

(Yes this might be a better question to ask computing services or somesuch, but I don't foresee I high probability of them having any useful advice.)