December 17th, 2008

Being re-admitted to UW

Have any of you taken a few quarters off UW and then reapplied? How hard is it to get re-admitted? I looked at their application for returning students and it's only one page (or is it two...?) and asks for minimal information. I'd be looking to come back with a ~3.5 GPA after a year.

What has been your experience? Do you know anyone that has been rejected?

Thank you!

Transfer studentt grades

Soo.. grades are up and i did SHTTY .

This is my first quarter at UW  coming from a community college with about 20-30 students in class. Most of whom I went to High School with (small community) and now all the sudden im in these 100+ student lecture halls and completely out of my element. Libraries are packed and Odegaard is anything but quiet. Is is vaild to attribue some of my poor scores to being new to this university and out of school for a year? Did you have a drop in your GPA when coming to UW?

(no subject)

Has anyone here taken SpHSc261? I'm taking it next quarter and I've had reports from several people that it's insanely hard and it's psyching me out a bit.

I mean, I have to take it so it doesn't really matter, and I relish a challenge, but I'm just morbidly curious. Also, I'm trying to figure out if I should drop one of my electives for the coming quarter. If 261 insanely hard I want to have a lighter load so that I can focus on it more. That was pretty much my biggest problem this quarter: I underestimated the workload of one of my classes and ended up being spread too thin.

Thanks much in advance! :] I hope you're all gorging on ~nondenominational winter cookies~.