November 12th, 2008



Right now it says that QMETH 201's prerequisites "cancellation is in effect." However, the notes say that if you do not have them, you will be dropped. So...are they being canceled or not? And if so, could I take a math placement test to get out of the prereques? Thanks!

Hypothetically speaking...

Let's say a "friend" of mine ran afoul of the dorms. Possibly by drinking in someone else's room. And now they have to go talk to some residential life such-and-such. Does anyone have recommendations for how my "friend" should handle it. Pretty implausible deniability of "I just got there" or "That was totally just juice"? Acting repentant? Telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Any advice for my poor unlucky "friend"? (Besides, obviously, take it off campus...) Does it make any difference that she lives on a SAFE floor, but was drinking elsewhere?