October 30th, 2008



So, i have been hearing mixed reviews about this.
Does anyone know if you have to pay extra if you are not a full time student? ie taking 10 credits? I am from out of state, if that makes a difference...
I have tried searching on MyUW..but no success.


I looked in the memories, but didn't see anything.

Where should I get my haircut? I have curly hair and want a short/no fuss cut if that helps any. I'm willing to pay around $50 if I get a good cut. I live in Udistrict but am willing to take the bus if there's some amazing place in a nearby neighborhood. I looked on yelp.com and some of the places with good reviews were:

Ten Pachi Modern Salon
Borseno's Barber Shop

I've also heard about this place called Vain, anyone have any experience there?

oh yeah, I'm also a girl if you didn't realize...haha.