October 2nd, 2008

RIP the Odegaard Copy Center

Let it be known that the Copy Center formerly located in Odegaard closed at the commencing of the quarter. It is generally acknowledged, especially among OUGL workers, that this is a terrible inconvenience, so feel no great obligation to complain to them about it. I'm sure that there are other places more appropriate for you to whine. Like LJ, for example.

If you desperately need to print something in Odegaard: there are *printing stations* available. The most efficient way to utilize this is to already have money in your Husky Card account. Printing from any computer in the library should allow you to collect your paper from any printing station- two being on the first floor and others on the second.

If you have no money on your account: you can add money through MyUW with a credit card. If you only have cash, there is now an Add Value machine in the north west corner by the copy machines. You can also purchase copy cards from that machine if they are more your style. If you truly need someone to hold your hand through the process, either consult the ID Center below OUGL and next to By George, or there is still a copy center in the Communications building.

You are welcome.