September 17th, 2008

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So I'm taking the Russian proficiency test (the one that completes my foreign language requirement) tomorrow morning and I'm kind of nervous.

Anybody taken it and have any advice? Anybody taken year one of Russian at the UW and can give me an idea of what you learn about?

All I know so far is to dedicate 2 hours to it and that the first part is written (multiple choice, fill in the blank, and writing some sentences or something like that?) and the second part is oral. I've been speaking the language my whole life and can read it pretty well, but aside from the last several days I've barely written in it since 1995 so that's the part I'm feeling nervous about.

Any advice/info is welcome. Thanks!
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I'm living in McMahon this year and was wondering if there is a stove and maybe even an oven somewhere in the building that I will have access to? If no, are there any cooking facilities available on north campus for us? I really don't want to have to hike down Mercer and sneak into their laundry room if I want to make some stir fry or something.


Admissions Question

I began my college career with about a 2.4 GPA due to an undiagnosed learning disability. Upon diagnosis, my GPA has consistently been at about a 3.7. My question is this: I know that in order to be admitted into Grad school, you need a 3.0 in the past two years of study, so will my initial quarters prohibit me from consideration? Should I just keep taking undergrad classes to make up for those quarters? Thank you so much for any insight or direction, I really appreciate it.


Yet another n00bish freshman question, but does the UW typically do an open house/information session type whatsit for clubs and student orginizations? I looked at the RSO website, but a lot of the information (websites, etc) is seriously out of date and it's hard to get an idea of how to get in touch with a lot of the orgs listed.

Yes? No? Maybe so?