August 19th, 2008

  • ohmiee

best way to the top

this is on behalf of a friend who hopes to transfer to UW. She is in engineering. Her academic past in recent years has been more or less, but recently shows big improvement. She has a smattering of the intro courses and all the math, but rests at about freshman standing.

In terms of ease of transition and cost: which is better? Transfer straight into UW? or transfer to a CC and finish two years education, then transfer into UW's engineering program?

Amazing chick looking for housing

haha the subject was just to get your attention.
I am 21 year old female who is going to be a senior next year at UW. I was wondering if anyone needed a roommate/knew of an open room beginning sometime in Sept?
Ideally I would like to live somewhere near the U district, Wallingford, Greenlake, and Cap Hill may be an option.
I am pretty to work hard, play hard etc...pretty typical seattle college student :)
-hit me up.