July 9th, 2008

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Ramen (of the good kind)

If you're getting teased by the "Samurai Noodle: COMING SOON!!11" sign where La Tienda used to be and annoyed by the fact that it's been there forever and there's STILL no delicious Samurai Noodle ramen to eat--do not fret! Lounjin on 45th has great ramen, as I found out yesterday. I will no longer be making trips to Samurai Noodle Downtown when I want some tasty ramen. I actually like Lounjin's ramen better, it's cleaner and less salty. Plus, they have a great selection of sake, coffee drinks and I enjoyed my time there; the owner is INCREDIBLY nice!

Seriously. Good ramen. Go eat it!

Have you taken an "intergroup dialogue" class at UW?


I am a Senior Writer at The Chronicle of Higher Education and I am doing research on Intergroup Dialogue programs. If you are a current U of Washington student,  you have taken an intergroup dialogue class, and you are willing to be interviewed for 10 or 15 minutes in the next few days, please email me at peter.schmidt@chronicle.com with your phone number. (If you wish you can go through the Chronicle's Web site, at http://chronicle.com, to verify who I am.)