July 1st, 2008

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I just saw the saddest thing ever. There were baby ducks by the fountain (so cute!!), and I'm guessing (from what I saw) that the mother jumped in the fountain, because there was a foreign woman that decided to throw all the baby ducks into the fountain.



Since they couldn't get in on their own, I'm guessing they also can't get out on their own. Who would I call about that?

Edit: I perused for a number to call and ended up calling the dead/injured animal emergency number (apparently a common thing on campus) and they said they were sending someone over to check on it. Thanks all for replies!


Hi all, and thanks in advance for fielding all of my lame freshman questions. :D I scoured the memories but I couldn't find anything that really answered my specific ones.

Basically, the downside to being a total language geek is that, when presented with all of these options... I waffle. Which is what I'm doing right now. Right now I'm extremely tempted by both Russian and some undecided but very exciting Scandanavian language (okay, so, I'll probably never use Swedish in my life -- but isn't the very opportunity to take it exciting? Yes??? Yes.)

So, I guess what I'd like to know is: what are your experiences with these classes/departments/professors/what-have-you? Good? Bad? So-so? Hit me up with your various experiences. :D

If it makes any difference, I've taken German and Italian previously.

really good coffee?

are there any really good coffee shops near campus? somewhere with excellent coffee and high standards, like stumptown or victrola? i've only been to a few on university ave., but have not been impressed by any of them.

thank you.