June 12th, 2008


eye doctor

i know this has been posted somewhat recently, but it's not in the memories and i can't be bothered to look through weeks of entries, so...does anyone know of an eye care specialist that works with the UW student insurance? should i just go to hall health or UWMC? i know we get some eye care benefits, and now that i'm an old lady of 23 (who sits in front of a computer every day), i need to get an eye exam and some glasses. help would be appreciated.
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design, drawing

Is anyone here in the Design program? (particularly VCD?) I'll be starting it next year as a sophomore, but I haven't really heard anything about how good/bad it is compared to other schools.

One thing that really bothers me about Design at UW is that you can't take any fine art classes since your major is not "Art" but Design. It seems like drawing and painting would be essential to a well-rounded design program but apparently the School of Art does not agree... Also, any thoughts on the Drawing/Painting major? I am still trying to decide between the two.. Thanks!