June 10th, 2008

A couple of unrelated questions...

1. Thank you for your responses to my last post about Italian 101. They were GREAT and super helpful!

2. Has anyone taken "Emerging Diseases" (G H 201)? I'm pretty sure it's offered as a Global Health class for the first time (next Fall). I'm wondering if it had a different name before because I can't find ANYTHING online about that class or the professor. It's a 2 credit class but I'm just wondering what to expect in terms of course load, reading, and general quality of the class. ***I'm guessing this class used to be PABIO 201***

3. Has anyone taken Psych 101 with McDermott? I took 210 with her this quarter and I loved it! The reading was minimal in my opinion (in 210), but I've heard that in 101 there's a lot of assigned reading and quizzes that go with such reading. I'm already taking two other classes that require me to read a decent amount, so I just want to know if I can handle it. 101 doesn't sound too bad at all...but please do share your experiences, especially if you have taken 210 before and how it compares.

Thank you very much! :D