June 7th, 2008

For those who have taken languages at UW

My boyfriend and I are interested in learning Italian and we want to take Italian 101 this Autumn. We are interested in being fluent, but after helping a friend with his Spanish final, I realized that a lot of the stuff covers grammar/verbs. I'm not interested in learning grammar as much as I am interested in actually speaking the language. We think we'll be able to help each other practice speaking, but I'm scared we won't get enough of that in the class.

Other than actually going to Italy for a year, do you think we'll get something out of the 100 and possibly the 200 series?

I don't need any languages to fulfill my requirements (I already have all the credits I need) and we are just doing this for fun.

Thanks :D


Did anyone else see a quidditch game going on around campus today?

I was walking past Denny at around 2 and saw a girl in red run by with a broomstick between her legs. Then I got to the quad and saw a guy in yellow being tackled by someone in green. Guess slytherin caught the snitch.

Then I took my finance final =(

Glad someone is having fun this weekend. Good luck with finals everyone!