June 3rd, 2008

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I lolled

I just got this in my email:

"This message is being sent to all Undergraduate Students with approval from the Vice President for Student Life."

Its for a survey from The Daily.  I'm an alum, not an undergraduate, soon to be graduate and a current staff member at the UW.  Anyone else get this and is not an undergrad?
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More IMA q's

Well, only one question and more specifically, about the pool.

I must be stupid and blind or something, but I can't find any info on the IMA website about whether it's necessary to wear swimming caps while swimming.

I swear once I was getting dressed in the locker room and saw a girl trek up to the pool entrance wearing a very beach-y bikini and no swimming cap. But everyone else I've seen in bathing suits also had a cap to go with it.

Is there any such rule that one must wear caps? Or will I just get glares of death if I don't yet won't be made to wear it?..

PS: there's a reason I'm asking, I'm not just a bad person for not wanting to wear a swimming cap in a public pool. I have long-ish dreadlocks that most certainly don't fit under any swimming cap made for normal humans, on top of that I also somehow have a pretty big head as far as the measurements tell me (yes, literally, not figuratively) even though it's not apparent. People with dreads lose next to no hair from their head daily (it's glorious!) I probably shouldn't even be going into the chlorinated pool given the fact that my dreads probably won't like chlorine and my mild to medium allergy to it, but I was clinging to faint hope that maybe a half an hour per week won't make either too sick... But if caps are an absolute must, I'll just give this hope up and instead cling to an even fainter hope of there still being non-toxic beaches around Lake Washington where I can go swimming this summer...
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free HPV vaccine for people on the student insurance

Hey guys! Sorry if someone already posted about this (only checked the last 40 posts), but just to let people know-

If you're a student on the UW student insurance, you can get the HPV vaccines for free. Go here for information about them. They're usually each 160$ (there are three shots) but they're waiving that; though there's still a 25$ administration fee that you have to pay.