June 2nd, 2008

cell phone reception

my family just switched from at&t to t-mobile.
now i have absolutely no reception in my dorm room (hansee 4th floor) and it's pretty depressing.
i have full bars outside and anywhere else, even at my parents house (inside) i have full bars.

i really don't want to wander outside every time i want to have a conversation. btw it's a long distance relationship so it's kind of important to me. it's the only reason this no-reception in my room thing is bugging me. :(


this sucks...
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Finacial Aid

So, I turned in a revision request to the Financial Aid office in mid April...and it didn't show up on my financial aid page when they said what I'm getting whenever that was.

Are they still doing all the extra paperwork? Was it rejected or neglected somehow?

(I didn't see aid revisions in the memories, but I did check.)