May 30th, 2008

  • shepak

graduation attire

any alumni out there who have been to a department graduation ceremony where cap/gown were optional? my english dept is, and i am getting a cap/gown for the other ceremony and deciding whether to wear it for the english one. i'm trying to get an idea for how many people do/dont wear it so i dont look crazy.

Guy with a shotgun??? =(

So... last night when my friends and I were walking home from dinner there were like 6 cop cars blocking the intersection next to my apartment. We had no idea what was going on, and just kept walking. This morning I read the Daily and on the front page there's a story about a guy with a gun running around and yelling at people, right next to my apartment. (WTF) They never found the guy though. Now I'm quite freaked out. Does anyone know any more about this incident? I sort of want to lock myself away in my apartment all weekend now. And I just moved in... =/

leftover money

At the end of the quarter I'll have just over $200 left on my food plan. Since we can no longer keep our leftover money, I need advice on how/where I should spend it--I know I could just go to Ian's the day I move out and buy as much crap as possible, but are there other options?

I'm especially open to creative suggestions... :)