May 19th, 2008

best animation ever

i found someone's cel phone

this is kind of a long shot, but i found a cel phone in padelford today. it's a tmobile samsung. if you've lost one or know someone else who lost one today, please let me know so i can return it to her. i've already contacted tmobile and they were attempting to contact the owner when i got off the line.

Ecological Design Courses?

Does anyone know of a course that focuses on ecological design? Ecological design is related to sustainability (economic, social, and environmental) but focuses more on the design side. It is based off of five principles:

- Solutions grow from place
- Ecological accounting informs design
- Design with nature
- Everyone is a designer
- Make nature visible

I have read "cradle to cradle" and I'm half way through "ecological design" by Sim Van Der Ryn. I have not been able to find any courses on campus about it. Would anyone be interested in taking a class about ecological design?
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IMA Summer

I've checked the memories (and google) but they've failed me.  This will be the first summer I've stayed in Seattle, and I don't know how the IMA for the Summer quarter works. I want to take the hydro-aerobics class, so would I need to pay $50 for the quarterly pass (as I'm not taking Summer classes) on top of the class fee? And when does the Summer Class schedule typically come out? Also, if anyone has taken this class before I would love to hear what they thought.

Thanks all!