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Friday, May 16th, 2008

Subject:otter pops!
Time:1:46 pm.
Everyone go to the quad now! go buy an otter pop for $.50!!! thats only 50 cents for a delicious cold otter pop on a bright sunny day! on sale now in the middle of the quad!
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Time:2:01 pm.
Hey, does anyone what was going on t his morning around 47th and 17th???
I was walking to school and there were tons cops/fire trucks and it was all cautioned off....
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Time:6:55 pm.
So, what services does "2nd Time Around" NOT offer these days? Seriously. Name some. And I bet you'll see them soon.

I'm pretty afraid of the fact that they now tattoo people. I haven't yet seen any work that came out of there, but I'm pretty sure it's quite possible it's worthy of badtattoos_4.

Anyway. I'm bored. It's Friday. I need to clean my house. Entertain me, fellow UWers. What are your favorite joints on the Ave, and why?

Mee Sum Pastry is mine. I've loved them since before they became Mee Sum, before the hombows, but now the hombows make it even more awesome. Because I love bubble tea and Yunnie's is farther away from my house (and doesn't have delicious food).
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LiveJournal for University of Washington.

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