May 12th, 2008

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IMA fitness classes

If you've taken a fitness class at the IMA, would you mind sharing your experience with a class (or multiple classes if you've taken more than one). I'm 100% certain I need to take one or two of these classes over the summer since my butt is too lazy to do anything more exciting than a few miles on the treadmill and I've taken a few classes before that really helped me to stay motivated to exercise.

I was a big fan of the Pilates class, and planned to stick with it, but unfortunately the times have been moved to the afternoon instead of the morning, which sucks since I work during that time. I also took the Ab Lab class, and wasn't quite as crazy about that one. Could be just me, I hate abdominal exercises despite my desperate need for them.

Oh, and I can't do anything in the swimming pool since I'm allergic to pool chlorine.

Bio 355

Anyone know what the workload is like for this class? I'm taking o-chem, math and this class and just kind of want to prepare for if I'm going to get slaughtered this fall or if it'll be one of the easier bio classes. I've looked at the spring '08 syllabus and it seems easy but it's hard to tell..

Thanks! :)
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OMA Honor?

My roommate got a call from the OMA saying that they want to honor her for being on the Dean's List. Apparently, they are having some sort of celebration where students being honored will be receiving some kind of prize/gift.

She was wondering (and so am I), what will the gift be?

Any ideas?
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