May 10th, 2008

All HUB Remodel Plans Lack Student Club Room Area

Fellow members of the UW Community,

I'd like to bring to your attention that the people remodeling the Husky Union Building have revealed plans which will eliminate the student club offices that currently occupy the HUB's sub-basement.

If the HUB remodel plans are approved with the way they currently are, instead of the offices occupied by student clubs, there will be 6-8 cubicles available on a first come first serve basis in an open area on the second floor.

Many clubs are on a wait list currently three years long for their own office in the sub-basement and apparently the UW's solution to this problem is to get rid of offices all together.

The option of cubicles is unacceptable as they will not provide the same, if at all security and privacy the student club offices currently do.

Without their offices, many clubs would cease to exist, killing off the sense of community they've provided for numerous people on campus as well as cause a stagnant growth of the common interests born from those clubs.

Without their offices, many events you've already been a part of or plan to be a part of wouldn't have been possible.

I hope that you all understand the importance and urgency of this matter.

Please, spread the word! Let UW know the importance of our student organizations and demand the preservation of student club offices.

Thank you.

ASUW elections

So I finally found out where there was information posted about the ASUW candidates. The Senate section of the ASUW website has a collection of platform statements from all the candidates for the Board of Directors. I think there are a lot of places that would be more intuative to look for it and/or easier to find.

Does anyone have informations, impressions, or opinions they'd be willing to share? Do you know any of the candidates? Have you attended any of the forums they're supposedly holding? Who's your favorite candidate? Do you have problems with a particular candidate?