April 23rd, 2008

pirate peng

Protein Folding Game!

Anybody want to play a game? A protein folding game?? I need users for an informal user study!

The game is fun (well, you can play it and tell me if it's fun) and awesome and looks kind of like this, but even better, since this is a screen shot of an older version of the game:

I'm part of a group in CS that's working on this game, and I'm looking for some test subjects to play it and identify what's buggy/not fun/confusing/lame about the game se we can fix all those things to make it functional/fun/sensible/awesome! You'd need to come find me in the Allen Center and play it in person, and also informally chat with me about what you're doing/thinking as you play it. It would take about 30 minutes to an hour (but we can keep the time length down if you need to) because we're trying to see how good all our introduction levels are/if they're educational enough, and that seems to be the amount of time people take.

here's the long, rambling email I sent out to CSCollapse )

Student Employee Rights??

Hey so, I'm hoping that there is a law student or a really knowledgeable HFS employee out there, or just anyone who might know the answer to my question.
I've been working for HFS for the last 3 years and at the place I work we don't get any breaks. We work 3-5 hour shifts at a time, and sometimes cover other people's shifts right before or right after our shifts. So there have been times when I've worked 8-9 hours straight, without any breaks. When we were hired we were not given any information about breaks or even told that we get breaks (according to state law, which I think still applies to student employees). Recently we discovered that they have been deducting 30 minutes of pay from every 5+ hour shift we work, even though we don't get or take any breaks. When we realized this we asked to get the money back, and they did give us back the money for this fiscal year (is that from Sept or Jan?), but they said that the 2 years before that I'm just out of luck because those were different fiscal years and reimbursing us isn't in the budget. Not that it matters too much, but I know for a fact that it is in their budget because we are getting laid off in May which frees up the last month of the quarter's budget, which is more than enough to pay us all back.
My question is: Can they do that? Can they just not give us the money that we rightfully earned? Also, can they not give us breaks?

Sorry that was so long, but it is sort of a complicated scenario. Thanks to anyone who can provide any information on the subject. Its been really frustrating.