April 17th, 2008

Change of Residency Status

Does anyone know how easy/difficult it is to get a change of residency status at the UW? I moved here in 2003 when I married my husband (who has lived here his entire life) who was attending the UW at the time and I've pretty much been in school (community college) since 2004. I obviously didn't move here to scam the UW out of in-state tuition, but to be with my husband. The UW told me to use my husband's employment as proof instead of my own. I've submitted the form to change my status at the end of last month and I've just been concerned now with how easy/smooth the process will be. I've received my acceptance letter and everything now but I'm just waiting on this one piece of the puzzle to fall into place and I was wondering if anyone has any experience with obtaining a change of residency.

Work Study Question

Can any work study students tell me the procedure for transferring jobs? I currently work for a work study department and just got offered another job that pays more and if more related to my studies. Is it the same protocol as normal jobs...I give my two weeks notice and all that? My new job wants me to start as soon as possible so I was going to try and work at both for those two weeks. Or do I just stop working as soon as I tell them I have gotten a new job? If so, then how do I get paid for the hours I did work?

So many questions!! Thanks