April 16th, 2008

frazzled Jack
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SIS 201

Hi there.

Anyone here in SIS 201 with Scott Radnitz? I'm kind of laid out with my back being effed up. (I'm the one who's posted here about recovering from back surgery and trying to plan as much as possible, and some days are worse than others; this is one of those days.)

Anywhatsit, he emails the outlines but his lectures are a lot more specific. Would anyone be willing to email me their notes from today's (Wednesday's) lecture?


Live Bus Arrival Information

Ever run to your bus stop just to wait for 15 minutes? I know I have but not any more.

Mybus.org is a great program that allows you to get real time bus information for major intersections. To improve the user interface I created a google maps mashup that overlays this data onto a map. All you have to do is zoom in on where you are, click on closest marker that your bus stops at, and you'll get real time arrival information.

MyBus Google Map

Once your away from your computer you can text the bus stop number with an @ symbol before it to sms@mybus.org (I know it looks like an e-mail address but it works for all phone that can text message) and it will reply with the real time arrival times of buses coming to that stop.

To: sms@mybus.org
Body: @5905

or if I just want the route 43 information

To: sms@mybus.org
Body: 43@5905

or if you forgot the stop number or want another stop number that the 43 stops at text

To: sms@mybus.org
Body: 43
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