April 13th, 2008


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Is anybody else going on the summer Creative Writing Rome program this June-July? If so, pardon my asking a private question, but what flight are you taking (my mother is really, really overprotective)?

Along more general lines, does anyone have any opinions about the Rome Center? Any tips on study abroads, the Summer in Rome program, etc.? Anything you feel may be useful to a person going abroad alone for the first time in her life?
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3 Random Unrelated Questions

1- Does anybody know where the Campus Postsecret exhibit is at? I frankly don't have time to go search our nearly 600 acre campus for what is supposed to be a community art exhibit...

2- Anybody know the purpose/orignator of the squirrel wheel by Hansee? I'm not even entirely sure if it's a squirrel wheel, but that's the consensus 5 of us came up with it. It looks like a large hamster wheel made out of cardboard and metal, and it spins... just curious.

3- Anybody know who's running for ASUW this year? Are there tickets? Will it be the Greeks vs. the rest of us?