April 8th, 2008


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Has anyone sold their books to Half-Price Books recently? I have a plethora of originally $15-20 and $100+ textbooks and an immediate need for money so I was wondering how much (on average) Half-Price buys back books around these prices. Also, if you know, is it any better than selling back to the bookstore?
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Sister Cats in need of Home!

I am posting this for a friend, so please read carefully, and please DO NOT REPLY TO THIS POST. There is an email address listed below that you should use. Thanks in advance for reading.

Due to the death of their caregiver, two sister cats, approx. 6 or 7 years old, raised together from birth, are in desperate need of a home. While it is greatly preferred to find them a home together, finding them a home at all is more important, so if they must be separated, that will have to do. I do not have any pictures for you, I'm very sorry, but you might be able to obtain pictures from those you can contact about the cats.

If you are seriously interested, please contact Peter Stake at:


You could also try to contact the Seattle Animal Shelter. Their case number is 4124. Or ask to speak with Michael Kokernak at the Seattle Animal Shelter about the cats that Peter Stake is helping to re-home for Elizabeth Hasson.

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Has anyone ever gotten their wisdom teeth extracted in the UW Dental Clinics? If so, about how much did you pay per tooth? I'm waiting on a consultation before I can get a quote, it will be a while, and since I basically need to start saving money right *now* to be able to afford this in the summer, I'm wondering about what some of the other patients' experiences have been.

Also, tales of service quality/lack thereof are appreciated :-)

(Why do people even *need* wisdom teeth? :-( I was much happier before they started coming out...)

hair cut..

I think someone might have asked about this before, but I'm just wondering if anyone has ever gone to a hair salon or something on the Ave .. I seriously need a hair cut... or style..T_T plz help! Any information will be appreciated! or gimmie the link about the previous post or something.. :p