April 6th, 2008

IMA q's

Whenever I've been to the IMA, I was there later in the day so I didn't need to shower there, as I could come home and do it. However, I will now start going in the mornings. I obviously want to take a shower afterwards, but I hadn't thought about the showering situation. I would have to either bring a wet towel home (many, many hours later, yuck!) or wait all day to take a shower, which I don't really want to do. I live in Lynnwood, not on campus.

My question is, does the IMA have towels that are bigger than the smaller towels they give you for the basket? Or am I just out of luck? I'm also considering just drying my towels in the dorms, where my boyfriend lives, but I want to spare myself the 20 bucks a month (it's 1 dollar to dry stuff).