April 2nd, 2008

face of the me


I couldn't find the info on UW Copy Services page, and I'm far from campus currently so I can't ask them directly, so: is it possible to laminate some stuff somewhere on campus? Not a standard 8.5x11 page as well, it's shorter than 11 inches.

If not on campus, do copy centers on the Ave offer the service?

Oh, and if you know, about how much might lamination of an about 8x8 or something like that page cost?
Zuko fire

passing time

Regardless of university rules, who do you think the 10 minute passing time belongs to in UW classrooms?

1) The class before that ended at 20 minutes after the hour so they can finish their lecture/discussion, pack up their things and have students ask the professor/T.A. questions.

2) The class after that will start at 30 minutes after the hour so they can set up their materials, settle into seats and be ready on time.

I would say that the students are entirely capable of sharing the space for 10 minutes but I've seen two verbal catfights erupt between instructors. In the first case it was the later T.A. who started yelling at the still there T.A. for stealing space and time from her students. The second was the teacher still there, going over his time, and yelling at the later coming teacher who needed to set up special equipment before class started.

This is my last quarter at the UW and I'm already starting to ponder the experiences and revel in the memories. :*)