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Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

Subject:can't believe no one has posted this yet..
Time:12:02 am.
but this is that obligatory "OMG the cherry trees are blooming!!!" post. just thought those of you who aren't on campus would like to know.
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Time:11:47 am.
long shot here, but does anyone happen to know where john webster's 302b english class is meeting this afternoon?


edit: found it :P
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Time:2:12 pm.
Thank you to whoever dropped Introduction to Talmud today, I love you! :)
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Time:9:18 pm.
This might seem odd, but I've realized that I waste a lot of time that I could be spending doing work because of how huge my textbooks are. I live off-campus so the idea of carrying my math, chem, AND psych books to school is just not appealing. I'm considering cutting a couple of chapters out and stapling them so that I can carry them with me and actually do homework when I'm in school, as I don't have the luxury of going back home to get my books. My schedule goes on till late almost every day, but I have bits and pieces of time here and there and I like to do SOMETHING during these times.

Am I crazy? Do you think anyone will buy my textbooks (not the bookstore) if I cut a couple of chapters out, staple them, and then put them back in? I probably won't sell them for more than 50 bucks...if that.

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