March 30th, 2008

UW's secret study spots :D

Odie's first floor is too noisy, and I'd like to try something other than the third floor. It's too stuffy and there isn't enough air flow for me lol!

Are there any other good study spots you can recommend that aren't too crowded/stuffy/hot? I have a few friends who have 'secret' spots, what's YOUR favorite? (if you can share of course)

Thanks! :D
appleslut! (icon by lvlwing)

dropped class?

Right now I'm registered for a class with really low enrollment (their are only 2 of us out of 25 spots). I actually was hoping to take the class, but don't want to wait too long if it is going to be dropped all together. This hasn't really happened to me before, so I was hoping someone could offer some words of wisdom. When do classes usually get dropped from the schedule? Should I just drop it and find some other random class to take? Thanks.