March 28th, 2008


Text Books for sale!

The first few years of college, I was an idiot, and barely cracked the books to do more than skim. Now I have a lot of practically new books with little to no writing in them. =/ And...a completely unrelated major. Ouch. So, I have to sell these and apply them to my tuition. :X Ok! SO!

[edit] Yaaaaay, all sold. :) Thank you to everyone that bought a book!

I'm on campus everyday, and I only live about 10 minutes off of campus. I'm willing to have a trade off anytime (3am? OK! In a well lit place =|). Haha, I just really need to sell these. Willing to negotiate!

I work at Odegaard so we can meet there, or anywhere else on campus, or off campus, whatever. I'm pretty flexible, as long as the time doesn't fall during class. Either leave me a comment on this entry, or shoot me an email at

:) Hope someone wants SOMETHING.
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