March 25th, 2008

Transferring classics courses from UW elsewhere?

Hey all -

This is an odd question that only a few of you will be able to answer, but it's a diverse group, right?

I'm considering taking a distance class from UW in classical mythology, and using it to fulfill an English department requirement at OSU. Thing is, it's offered by UW's Classics department, so on the transfer transcript it would read something like CLAS 453. OSU doesn't have a Classics department, so university administrators may or may not be astute enough to understand it was a literature class. (The English department does, however, offer courses in classical mythology from time to time.)

Have any of you transferred Classics courses of this type (but that were offered by Classics departments) to a school that did not have a Classics program?

I have a couple of backup plans, so don't bother suggesting other options. Just answer the question. Thanks.
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Hansee rooms?

Any girls on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th floors of Hansee interested in switching to the first floor of Blaine? My room is great, I just need a more social environment.

Or, is anybody moving out of Hansee and would be interested in doing a "room-switch" as you move?

Much thanks!!