March 9th, 2008



I was looking for any information on maybe a golf...uh, club? Not the actual teams, but just like the other clubs out there (running, the IMA ones, etc, etc), with people know. Go out and play, haha.

I played in high school, and it's been a few years, but I was hoping to play again, for fun up here. =/ If there isn't a club, is there any interest in trying to participate in/start one?

Haha, just checking. :( If there isn't a club, that's too bad, and I'm sorry to waste time.
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Okay experienced UWers,

I need input on whether I should take Passer or Voorhies for PSYCH 101.  If you have any advice it would be much appreciated.  Because the Course Evaluation Descriptions there's not much else I could find. 

I want to hear real input not just numbers you know?

And maybe if you liked the class at all or not. 

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