March 6th, 2008


Yay communities!

Hey UW!

I just wanted to remind you all of related communities you probably didn't know existed!

See someone interesting? A "hottie"? Someone annoying as fuck in the library? One of those dudes who love to wear capes around campus?
Have something to say about it? Here's your chance.
And hey, maybe someone saw you and had something to say. How compelling.

Are you a grad student? Here's your place. It's pretty silent lately and needs some livening up. Go at it you crazy MA and PhD fools.

For all you suckers taking Japanese at UW (this, unfortunately, includes me). The community really needs a pick-me-up.
Come find a study partner, or be mine... 'Cause I blow at Japanese and need a tudor, haha.

And finally:

Pretty self explanatory. We do a lot of textbook trading crap here (in uw), but maybe it's worth moving textbook crud over to this community?
Nah, on second thought, that's too much work.
Am I still going to join? Yes.