March 4th, 2008


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it's registration time again so of course a flood of course questions

1. Has anybody taken the profiency exam for vietnamese. How is it
2. Has anyone taken Vietnamese 100 or 200 in general? How was that? I know it's for people with no background in it but i've seen plenty of vietnamese people taking it
3. Has anyone taken Physics 114,115,116 and 117,118,119. How was that
4. And does anyone know which is easier Stats 311 or Stats 220.

aah okay thanks.

oh and if anybody at anytime is going to drop Bio 200 in this community please let me know so i can take your spot!

(no subject)

Does anyone have any good suggestions of places or art pieces on campus that would be good to show to elementary school students on a field trip to UW?

I'd prefer places that didn't need reservations, like the LED light display in the atrium of the CSE building..

Does anyone know if the pond thing outside fisheries has any fish yet?

Thanks in advance.