February 29th, 2008

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I hate registration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My whole schedule is messed up due to full labs. Who makes 10 person labs anyways? I was up right at 6am too! *cries*
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Campus buildings.

So, as we all know, there's always construction on campus, and quite a few buildings are getting MAJOR work done to them. If it were completely up to you, which buildings would you like to change/improve and in what way? What is the building that, in your opinion, is in worst condition and just somehow sucks overall?

I personally think Denny Hall should have its rooms re-numbered. In a way that makes more sense somehow. I don't know, perhaps it's a lot more difficult than it seems, but seriously!

The CSE/EE buildings. Why are their floors misalligned??? Engineers, I suppose, not architects... But let me tell you, it's hard to tell people how to find you if you're in some lab, the room number does not suffice, you have to explain to them that, in fact, the floors do not exactly MATCH between the two buildings even though they are connected. But I guess you can't really fix that, huh?

I hate bathroom doors in the Physics buildings.

UW LIBRARIES NEED MORE OUTLETS!!! That's my most loathed thing about the campus at this point. So many people have laptops these days (a lot more than when I first came to UW, for sure!), and the wiring inside the libraries isn't really geared toward accomodating this. Especially Odegaard. There's about a million people at any given time during the day, with laptops. And there are, like, 5 outlets. I actually NEED my laptop for work, doing anything on one of the desktops is not really an option since every time I'd have to install a bunch of stuff.

I tried contacting people regarding the issue, but no one really cared :-( I should try again.

Also, plz to be fixing locks on bathroom stalls, kthx! I'd really rather have stall doors that lock without me having to hold it closed than fancy paper towel dispensers and whatnot. That applies to way too many buildings on campus to name names.

(Hopefully) simple question

Okay, silly question: I am a dance minor, and there's the possibility I'm going to do a lot worse in one of my classes for said minor than I had planned on. Do I need to have a 2.0 gpa in ALL classes cumulatively, or do I need to get a 2.0 or above in each class for them to count towards the minor? Does it matter from minor to minor? I need to know in order to decide my next move - eesh.