February 28th, 2008


Pondering registration speed...

Do many people wake up a 5:50 to hit the registration button at or slightly before six? The last two times I've done it, it's taken less than half a second for the "You're Registered!" page to load.

I know when I was a freshman, it took about three minutes. Do more freshman get up early than juniors? Did people in general just stop doing this? Did UW get a super computery upgrade (real technical there) that makes it go a lot faster? I don't really see any reason for juniors to stop getting up early. It seems like everyone has at least one class that is about to fill up. Maybe we take more classes that require add codes instead of just filling up during registration?

Does anyone have any better thoughts on this?

But I reeeeealllyyyy want it!!

So, I registered this morning for COM 304 (American Press and Politics) with Taso Lagos and COM 329 (Rhet Soc & Political Movement) with John C Hammerback - so if you have any opinions on THOSE that'd be great to hear!

However, that doesn't address the main part of me being here! I so so so so badly want to take COM 220 (Public Speech) with Matthew McGarrity...but it's Sophomores only in Period 1. I know the teacher told me to go on the first day, but I'm wondering if I get up early on the first day of Period 2...could I register for it then possibly? Hope that makes sense! I REALLY want that class, and made my schedule with space for it...so also if any Sophomores out there - are registering now, can hold me a place (this sounds really sad - since I'm a Junior and I'm begging DOWNWARDS) I'd be forever in your debt and would probably bake you nice things or hold YOU a place in a class you need : )

ANYway! Thanks for the input all!

417 for a Junior?

Sooo, I couldn't find anything else to get me up to 15 credits in my schedule...except a 400 level class. COM 417 to be exact. Taught by John W. Gastil.

Thoughts? Smart for someone beginning in the major to take a semi-advanced class? I'm still hoping to get into COM 220 but, as a place-holder and possible alternative?