February 26th, 2008



Is there a Com major who could grab (and hold) the last spot in COM 359 B for me?

I'd pretty much owe you my firstborn.

Edit: Does anyone else in the Com major feel like they can never get the classes they need? (I register Friday and pretty much every class I need is already 75% full...)
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Taking the young'uns to UW!

Out of these drop-in classes for visitors, which would you say would be the most fun for an unmotivated jr. high school student? Ideally, I would like to take these two kids to an interesting class with a fun professor, so afterwards they can be like "wow! I want to do well in school and go to college so I can take swell classes from wonderful professors such as these!"

Specifically, I think I would have to take them to one of these:
  • Biology -- Martin-Morris
  • Gen Chem -- Zoller
  • Method, Imagination, and Inquiry -- Searle
  • The Changing Oceans -- Strickland
But if you guys know of any other large (100+ students) intro-level courses that occur on Fridays after 1:30pm that have lots of empty seats and a good professor, please let me know! :) Thanks for reading.
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walking map of campus?

Okay, I really hate to ask this because I'm almost positive that this community is where I found the link in the first place, but I've been searching for over an hour and haven't come up with anything:
I remember seeing a site which would tell you the fastest way to walk from one building to another on campus, as well as approximate walking times and distance... can anyone help me out? Thanks.