February 25th, 2008


So...I am trying to get into COM 220 (Public Speech). On the time schedule it says, SOPHOMORES ONLY (Period 1).

I'm pretty sure I'm in Period 1 (I register this Friday) but I really want to take that class. I e-mailed the prof, and he said to just wait until the first week of classes, and to COME to class as well. There are SECTIONS for this class as well, and I need to get into a specific one in order to fit this class into my schedule.

Advice? Suggestions? Should I wait to take the class in the Fall - when that restriction might not be on it?



Yes, I'm still in search of an easy class to take, so here's another question:

MUSIC 185, The Concert Season - has anyone taken this?
There was an entry in the memories, but it's from a couple of years ago and didn't provide much information as it is. What's involved here, aside from lectures and tests? The time schedule says "attendance at 10 concerts required"; do you only have to provide proof of attendance or is there more involved (such as a paper)? I wouldn't mind attending the concerts, but paperwriting isn't really what I'm looking for.



I looked at the memories but I have a specific question about Animal Behavior with Barash.

Will it be detrimental to my grade to miss one lecture a week? I'd be unable to go to lct on Tuesdays but able to go the rest of the week...Thanks!