February 24th, 2008

face of the me
  • miriena

Ice cream, dammit!

Where do you people get your ice cream (besides the grocery store)?

I guess the pathetic existence that is graduate school and working nearly full-time has made me not leave my house except to go to the library, class or work and I didn't even realize my favorite April through September evening activity/indulgence, going to The Mix (I'm that hardcore, dammit!), is no longer an option. EVER AGAIN! Yeah, I didn't know they closed. A while ago, I assume..? It say's "2007" on the store door. My heart is broken into a million pieces. Seriously. It is. I could count them to report the exact figure, but there are too many of them... That's a 4.5 year-long relationship, right there, gone.

There's Haagen Dazs, I suppose, but I don't really fancy them too much.

  • shepak

Official Transcripts

So is it true that when you order and pay for an official transcript, they send it to the address you give? Through reading the info on the website it sounds like it, but I just want to verify that I don't have printed transcripts waiting to be picked up somewhere. Anyone know for sure? Thanks.