February 4th, 2008

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Tuition Exemption

Has anyone been a staff member and done tuition exemption?  It looks like you need to actually be accepted into UW to get tuition exemption.  I already have my B.A. and would like to start taking classes, hopefully next quarter toward an MLIS.  I have also applied for the MLIS program for Fall 2008.  The UW's explanations of tuition exemption are really confusing.  I just want to start taking classes again.

Business School profs

Who is better: Barden, Fleming, or McPherson, at teaching management classes in the business school? The evals online weren't positive for any of them really - but I have to take a class from one of them next qtr, so I was just wondering who was the lesser of three evils...Grazie!

Gaffe in the Daily about Chinese New Year party

LOL! In last Friday's daily, on the front page, Ben Schock wrote in his article:

"The show will present performances from the Seattle Chinese Orchestra, the Beijing Opera, the Hengda Dance Academy, as well as Jay Chou, a famous Taiwanese singer and actor."

Jay Chou, I WISH!!! Talk about a major double take. What is actually says from the CSA website is "songs BY Jay Chou." Oh The Daily, how far you have fallen...

Vagina Monologues--Thurs, Fri, Sat; 8pm

Just wanted to let everyone know that this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are UW's annual V-Day performances of the Vagina Monologues.

All performances are at 8pm.
In the Husky Union Building Auditorium on UW campus.
All proceeds benefit Home Alive.

What are the Vagina Monologues? And other information...Collapse )

Any other questions? Feel free to ask!

And don't forget to buy a Vagina cookie on the HUB lawn all this week!