January 22nd, 2008

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when does registration for spring start for you guys?

myuw isn't showing me much registration info since i took this winter quarter off from school.

also, anyone know when the suggested fafsa 2008-2009 submittance date is?
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Sorry for another (potentially) stupid question. When will the Spring course catalog/time schedule be posted online? I really can't find any dates anywhere. I'm eager to see what classes aren't offered next quarter!
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Are the advisors just trying to scare us or what?

Can anybody fill me in on the whole petitioning to stay in school business and just how difficult it is to do? I'm a transfer student with junior standing, my credits are racking up faster than I'm figuring out my life, and my advisors are basically trying to tell me that I get the boot at 210, but just how true is that? Any expertise on the matter would be greatly appreciated. I'm dying to switch to a fine arts major but I don't know if I really have that option or not.
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Eye Glasses and Eye Exams

Hey everyone, where is the best place to get glasses on the Ave?

I just got an exam and new glasses--the result? The prescription's too strong and the frames apparently don't match my face. (Comment from my best friend: "wow. Send those glasses back to hell.") Anyway, let me know what your favorite place for frames/an eye exam is and if it's the one I went to, I'll just know to hightail it to the Kirkland Costco...