January 8th, 2008

To drop or not to drop, that's the question..

Let's say I'm taking MATH 407 and 408 this quarter, but I'm freaking out because Prof. Burke told us the story about someone who was taking both and got 3.9 for 407 but 0.7 for 408.. I seriously don't want to take 408 if everyone else that has taken 407 has a better chance of getting a better grade.. For those of you who have taken some (or all) of 407-409, could you please be so kind to tell me what I should do now? Also, I can still graduate on time if I drop 408 this quarter and take 409 next quarter.. but would you prefer 409 over 408? Ughhh.. >< please help, thx! =)
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SIS 498 - Readings

Just in case there are any SIS majors here who are interested in this class but couldn't get in, I'm dropping SIS 498 in a few minutes. The topic is U.S. Foreign Policy in Iraq and it's with Professor Kasaba. The class hasn't met yet [the first day is tomorrow] so you won't have missed anything.
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any frenchies of any assistance..?

Is anyone currently taking a class from Helene V.-Collins [most likely French 302], or has taken one recently and know the best ie. most efficient way to contact her? 
I'm an alum and in dire need of getting a hold of her and email hasn't worked [she's not good at prompt replies]-- I wrote her an email about 2 wks ago I believe, if you're wondering.   Also, there are no office hours listed for her on the dept website... yet.  I figure I might as well call her office[?] until I get a hold of her... or I could stalk her on campus.. sigh.

I'd really love her to fill out a form for a program for me, and this program app. is due, postmarked, by Feb 1.

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DARS spontaneously requesting audit?

I just went to do a degree audit, and DARS says I requested an audit at about 3 pm on Saturday. Except... I didn't. o_O Has this happened to anybody else? If someone hacked into my UW account, I doubt the first thing they would do is a degree audit, and nothing appears to be messed with...

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I came accross this while job hunting:

Documentary seeking to interview people with college card debt ($75)
posted 01/08/2008

We are making an educational film about the risks and dangers of credit cards to college students. We are looking for stories of how credit cards have adversely affected your college experience and/or finances thereafter. We are looking forward to hearing your story. Though we feel debt is nothing to be ashamed about, we will not film your face or reveal your identity if you want. Help prevent credit card companies from exploiting college students. contact: generationdebtmovie@hotmail.com