January 7th, 2008

face of the me
  • miriena

Can it may be panic tiem nao pleees?

Is it bad that I haven't gotten my financial aid yet? I'm a graduate student and my program is run through UW Extension. My tuition account balance is still what it should be (sky high!).

My husband also hasn't gotten his tuition account balance reduced to a happy 0, but he doesn't get financial aid, UW pays for his schooling since he's a full-time physics TA. So, *maybe* I have nothing to worry about, but still, financial aid is a different animal than paid tuition...

Someone, please make me feel better! :-(


On the front page of the Communications department website it says applications are due by 4pm January 21. Then, you click application information and it says they're due by 4pm on Monday January 22.

Anybody know which one of these is correct?! Yikes!