January 5th, 2008

Redheaded Destroyer

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PS: I can finally see the financial aid in my account, but it's not scheduled to actually post until the 7th. However, I have WaMu, which will let me use the cash even though it hasn't posted yet, because it's a "promise-to-post." Not sure how many other banks work that way. Good thing I had enough $$ for rent anyway. Sorry to lead you all on the other day, hahaha.


Hi all, I was wondering if the lockers in the  health sciences buildings were available for undergrads to use?  And if so, do they cost money?  Or are there any other places around the south campus that have lockers for rent? Thanks!

Architecture 210 - Section TAs

So, there was an earlier post about the TAs in the design drawing class for arch, and I was just wondering if anyone is familiar with any of these?

TTh 930 - 1220
Gail Wong and
Nan Ching Tai

TTH 230 - 530
Cynthia Esselman and
Katherine A Freels

TTH 530 - 820
John M. Crone and
Lydia A Marshall

WF 130 - 420
Ben G Sharpe and
Ashish Nangia

In addition, Gail Wong and Cynthia Esselman are the profs for the overall lecture. Anyways I'm currently in the morning section (930 - 1220) with Gail Wong and Nan Ching Tai because it fits with my schedule the best. I'm able to take any of the other sections, though, so any advice is appreciated. I don't mind if my TA is harsh, as long as they're fair and will push me to be good at whatever I'm doing.

Thanks Guys
me B&W

American Pop Song, Music 162

I signed up for American Pop Song (Music 162) and was wondering what everyone's thoughts about that class are? I noticed that there is no textbook, so I'm curious. I'm more of the "independent studying type", meaning that I don't always like to go to class if it's not necessary. What are the tests/assignments based on, and what kind of format are they?

It seems like a popular class, so I was hoping that at least some of you have taken it! Oh, and I think the Professor's last name is Atkinson. I couldn't find any info on him, has anyone had him for this class? Thanks!

Items for Sale

So I've been cleaning out my apartment after break and I have a few items for sale. Here they are:

1. Black Kenmore mini fridge (~2 cu. ft.). Used for about a year, with flawless performance. Very clean, perfect dorm fridge. $40 (was $100 new).

2. Belkin wireless G router. Used briefly before I got an Airport Express. Still with box and cd. $30obo ($40 new).

3. HP DeskJet 6540 printer. Great mileage on print cartridges (two quarters on one black cartridge for two people). Has a new black ink, but boyfriend and I just got new multi-function for xmas. $45. (Similar to this one http://www.shopping.hp.com/product/printer/Deskjet/1/storefronts/C8970A%2523B1H but without ethernet.)

Let me know if you're interested!