December 27th, 2007

Exploration Seminars/Study Abroad

Has anyone on here studied abroad (or know someone who has) over the summer with Exploration Seminars or another program?

Right now, I'm a bit undecided about some programs:

Though the program only got started last year, but has anyone gone to or hear anything about the Buenos Aires, Argentina trip as part of the Exploration Seminar?

How about the Summer in Rome writing program?

I'm also interested in the Summer in France program but it costs about $2000 more than the two mentioned above. However if I know that the experience is going to be worth it, then I'm willing to attend the program that costs more.

Are there any other programs that people have gone to that you would like to recommend?

I don't really care what subject of study the program is as I would just really like to learn something completely different and (hopefully) different from what I'm doing right now (which is pre-med type stuff).