December 26th, 2007

DANCE 108: Ballet Technique

Does anyone know about the difficulty of the dance class at UW? I'm registered for DANCE 108: Ballet Technique for Winter Quarter. I was actually surprised that the system allowed me to register even though it said that DANCE 101 and 102 are prerequisites to DANCE 108, but that I can get permission to join the class if I have one year of ballet experience...

Does ballet lessons at age 6 count? :/ lol

I have never taken any dance classes at UW and just signed up for this one cause I thought it might be fun (I'm also going to be taking Organic Chemistry and Biology, so I need some fun :( ). I mean it's a one credit I really going to be that behind and lost if I didin't take DANCE 101 and 102?

Thanks in advance for any help!
a compass that doesn't point north

ink set for chinese brush writing for sale

not sure sales are allowed here, but i figured someone might actually need this stuff for a class and i am moving and need to pare down a bit.

i've got an ink and brush set i bought at ubookstore a while back for fun. it's one of the green box sets with brushes, ink stone, water dish, paperweight. and i also have a big bottle of black ink. probably cost me 30+ dollars. if anyone here needs it, i'll sell it for 20obo.