December 17th, 2007

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Span 103 Graduation Grade

So I just got my Spanish 103 grade and it's a 1.8....which doesn't quite meet the 2.0 required to count for graduation. I've heard that I can't retake 103 at UW, but can move onto 201 (which I probably won't pass either)- what other options do I have? I'm graduating spring quarter...hopefully.

Any help you can give would be much appreciated! I screwed myself into this situation by taking the placement test straight out of high school, forgettting everything I knew about the language, and then taking 3rd quarter spanish 5 years later.....oops.



Does anyone know the website listing faculty/staff salaries?  The link in the memories is from 2005, and I can’t seem to find my way to more recent listings through the website.